Professional Carpet Cleaning and Cleaners Brisbane

Here at Mirror Group Cleaning Service we offer professional carpet cleaning services to anyone who needs them. We first started in business in 1999 and are a family owned and operated company, who has expanded quite a lot over the years. At first we merely focused on small and medium sized businesses, but now we do a lot of projects that are much larger. For instance, we offer factory cleaning and other industrial level cleaning - even builder’s cleans if you are in the construction industry and need a serious clean after a job.

If you specifically need professional carpet cleaners Brisbane, we can offer you that. Here at Mirror Group we take our carpet cleaning very seriously and only use the most professional equipment on all of our jobs. We also hire competent employees who know the equipment well and can clean your carpets effectively and professionally. This is important to us because professionalism is a part of our business philosophy.

We look forward to offering you professional carpet cleaning Brisbane and are happy to help work with you to find options that best fit your needs. Consider calling us at the phone number at the top right hand corner of the page. We will offer you an obligation free quote to help get you started on the process of getting your carpets cleaned professionally and effectively. If you have any other questions we are happy to answer those as well, either over the phone or through our Contact page at the top right corner. We look forward to helping you with whatever cleaning projects you need and we also offer a Services tab at the top where you can take a more detailed look at the many different cleaning tasks we can perform for you and your business.

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